How to Design an Amazing Website by Using Framer AI Prompts

Framer AI is a web design platform where you can design your website without any need for a WordPress designer or a programmer. You can design your website by giving some excellent prompts to Framer AI. And, the rest of the job will be done by it. I also share with you some Framer AI prompts.

You can design a landing page, portfolio, and e-commerce website design by using Framer AI prompts. You can also modify the color, font, and theme of the website according to your requirement and need. If you are a web designer and work as a freelancer then these tools work well for you and you can easily design a fantastic website for your client.

Framer AI Prompts:

Here are some of the framer AI prompts which help you to design your website and you can also modify them according to your need.

  1. Create a sleek and modern portfolio website for a freelance graphic designer. The website should showcase their work, provide a brief bio, and include contact information. Consider using bold typography and a monochromatic color scheme to highlight their creativity.
  2. Design an e-commerce website for a sustainable fashion brand. The website should feature a clean layout, intuitive navigation, and vibrant imagery. Implement a filtering system for products based on categories and sustainability attributes, ensuring an engaging shopping experience.
  3. Develop a responsive landing page for a tech startup’s new mobile app. The page should highlight the app’s key features, benefits, and a call to action to download it. Use animations or interactive elements to capture the user’s attention and promote user engagement.
  4. Create an online learning platform for language courses. The website should allow users to select their target language, view available courses, and track their progress. Implement gamification elements, such as badges and leaderboards, to motivate learners and make the experience enjoyable.
  5. Design a community forum website for outdoor enthusiasts. The platform should enable users to create and join groups based on specific outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or biking. Incorporate social features, such as user profiles and activity feeds, to foster a sense of belonging and encourage interaction among members.

Framer AI Prompts

Everyone can use these prompts and change them or replace some words which are suitable for you.


In this article, we will discuss the fantastic AI website called Framer AI. It helps you to make your website look fabulous without any hassle. You can use this website for your personal and professional use and it doesn’t underestimate you at any cost. It is a great starting point for my developers.

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